Friday, 4 February 2011

The Farming Village

Some of us live in an urban environment. Closed, secular communities where most people watch their back all the time. Corporate ladders to be climbed, such a cold, cut throat world. Friends and family are happy to cut off those that they should be supporting. The Rural environment is the total opposite. They look after their own. There is just so much of the cake and they tend to keep that cake in house, and they always look to their community before looking outside. I am always amazed at the feeble excuses that friend and Family give when they get a gardener from somewhere else, ignoring their gardener neighbour who lives next door. Make sure you spend that extra few pence on hired mourners.

I suppose if there is a moral to this story it is that we should look to our immediate family and friends and how we can support them.

Susan asked me today if I had found out if Matt was alright after the Cyclone Yasi? Well I was a little dumbfound, is Matt OK, of course he is. Brave men and action hero's are just part of the criteria that Angela would need to love someone. Tomorrow I write for Gussell. As custodian of the archives of Middle Earth it falls upon me to give guidance, poor Gussell.

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  1. what did you write for me and why poor Gussell ?? i am confused