Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Life in Georgedale without a Deli

Gussells Italian Deli has closed for business. This fine proprietor of Italian Cuisine has closed his anchor store in the main street of Georgedale. Loyal customers have reported that Gussell would not sell his favourite treats. Rather then sell a good slice of Parma Ham he put it in his mouth and declared that he had no Parma ham left. A man of principle and integrity, truly a son of the noble family of Claudosa. After much deliberation Gussell has closed the Deli and now is concentrating on stocking his home larder with all those tantalizing hams, olives and cheese he was forced to sell.
Life deals such cruel blows and Gussell seems to be on the receiving. He has Great Expectation, putting in place a plan of outsourcing, off shoring and sorting out his portfolia, he has become accustom to his face, a little smile and a heavy foot.
Talking of a heavy foot, Gussell warns all those Alfa Romeo drivers that those cars are not accustomed to going 250,000 kilometres with out replacing their clutch and electrics. In, out for all those miles/kilometres does those Alfa clutches untold damage and the manufacturers have cautioned that the Italian foot is a lot lighter than those size 13 boots. More of a delicate touch is needed.
Dan the Man had a good party, Crème Soda shots, Cola Punch and Pringles lifted the party to great heights and after celebrating late into the afternoon, Claudia of Middle Smiths, formerly of the Claudosa Era, put them to bed. Quite right too.
Life here goes on for all those who need to know. Robert is in love with Summer, Michaels goes on his ski trip on Friday and Merlin and I look forward to a long sleep in on Saturday and Sunday for two weeks. Lily has painted another masterpiece, I know such talent and from Townsville where the creator of Wikipedia was born. See attached sample.

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  1. We still have our health and each other...it cannot be so bad. I will arise again stronger and better and just has happy and good looking :-)