Monday, 28 February 2011

Middle Earth opens it’s first Mansion

The Middle Smiths are moving, I know they do this often, new house is not completed yet, so they are off to stay with Claudia's family. I believe the floor is not laid yet, they are funny about having a floor. Gary is loading his Landy with bric a brac and the odd small items while Mark is using Claudia's 20 ton truck to move the bigger pieces of furniture. Such well practised harmony in moving, has made a chore become a well honed symphony of relocation. Brono will be waiting on the other side, with the cold beer and chilled Italian wine to comfort these brave, modern men and their machines doing what they know best, and hopefully coming out unscathed.

Michael is stuck in France, broken coach, Mum is thinking of going to fetch him. I instilled a little faith and have stayed her departure for a few hours. Gary has issued Michael with an ultimatum, send the photos of your skiing or get your backside kicked. One loving brother to another brings out such animosity and affection, beats me.

Mika and Daniel of Middle Smiths are having a joint birthday party while the moving is taking place, such management from Claudosa showing why she is the Don of Claudosa. I wonder if that should be Doness?

Well I ramble on while Libya burns and the west gets closer to controlling the oil of the Middle East, for the west read America.

Have a good weekend.

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