Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pamagor Skiing?

Gussell of Georgedale wanted to know if Pamagor was skiing as well. As well as what Merlin would ask? I have conceded that she who must be obeyed is right, skiing with Michael. Poole High School has a Health and Safety Policy, anything that might lead the teachers astray is not allowed. Health and Safety says so. Miss Benjimen Whenever was most put out, but NO, Pamagor did not ski with the teachers.

This brings up an interesting point. Can you really have your way with a teacher? This argument was developed with the Darwin theory and later Aristotle had a good stab at this complex motion. If you ask a student the answer will always be NO. Teachers are from Mars, Men are from Earth, Women are from Heaven and dogs just like bones. This does prove the exception to the rule that you can not move too often. House Prices vs Middle Smiths (2001). House of Lords.

I proved the theory, Mark, Gary and Angela are testimony to the fact the teachers are human, loving people. It is only their students who find them strange.

Merlin always castigates me, good word that 'castigates', something like Keet. Did you know that Keet's are baby Middle Smith Plovers. Yes it is true and Wikipedia will vouch for this astonishing revelation. Milly murdered one and Gary had to explain to the gorgeous Mika that it was a Plover baby and they do not count.

'Look at its feathers'. Gary, being so understanding.
'There are none'. Replied Mika.
'That is why they do not count, they are not really birds yet. Something like your mother's herb garden, if the plants just come up and are covered with weeds, we dig it over and start again.'
'Are Keets like weeds?.'

Only Gary can answer that.

Getting back to the original question, Is Pamagor skiing?.
Some say Pamagor dancers like an Egyptian. No Pamagor is more like the Jamaican bobsled team. Dancing like a Jamaican. Cool Rider.





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