Friday, 4 February 2011

Tropical Cyclone YASI

Now a category 3 and hopefully very little tide surge for Townsville. Angela will be happy and Matt has been told to sort out the garden before the 'powder puff' girls get home. Keppel will also be grateful as she is not accustomed to fetching logs, more the telly-tubby type of dog. Watching the ABC News was enlightening – they all speak Australian English, I have a translator on my computer so was able to get away with not having sub titles. The cyclone moved in during the night as Australia slept, all cosy in the shopping malls, Angela unfortunately was with the in-laws and could not take advantage of the excellent opportunity to shop 24/7. I do believe she will regret this after a session with the ladies that 'do tea'.

Middle Earth does not experience storms of that intensity, snow, wind and rain in moderation on the other hand is allowed and encouraged. Long ago when Middle Earth was still unknown to the cosmic galaxy, a great leader heard of a cyclone approaching from the north, Category 5 was the feeling and he immediately banned all cyclones. This bold step has saved countless lives and damage over the years, maybe Australia should look at passing some form of legislation to that effect.

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