Friday, 4 March 2011

14 Days Thursday 3rd

I am guilty of promising something and not delivering. Yesterday I promised a preview of the event of 14 days hence. Today I fall proud to the semolina syndrome. Claudia of Middle Smiths knows this process well. If you overcook semolina it becomes concrete, not the ideal slipper. Now you may be a little curious.

Talking of being curious? We believe that everything in the Universe is interesting if looked at closely enough, for long enough, or from the right angle. They say we have three primal instincts, namely food, sex and shelter, in that order. I believe we have a forth, curiosity.

Some of us are so driven by curiosity it becomes a fierce compulsion and unlike the other three instincts, it is what makes us human. Human as opposed to lesser humans, I could name quite a number but this is written in the most honourable of intentions and they are part human, more is the pity. Curiosity, comes completely standard in children under seven, that is when adults, in the form of teachers, governments and the idiotic bye laws of some over zealous health and safety officer, kills most of their natural curiosity. Those that escape this terrible punishment become great artists, scientists and explorers. The rest of us make do with television, gossip, news and sports results.

That was until a little while ago. Along came the ultimate pioneer, Bill Gates, and now we can all satisfy our curiosity. Seemingly pure information grew by an astonishing rate, surpassing all our wildest dreams. Then those children, deprived of all natural curiosity learnt how to master the computer, youthful curiosity knows no bounds and the seemingly complex operations are simplified. Leaving adults deprived of natural curiosity for so long, struggling to understand the simple basics.

You also have those, I term lesser humans, joining this information highway of freedom and spoiling it for the rest of us. Hackers, viruses and spam attacked and attacked until we started imposing rules and regulations, but thankfully the best parts of our new world still evoke our curiosity.


Sleep well Middle Earth.

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