Thursday, 3 March 2011

14 Days Wednesday 2nd

Another frustrating day of this and that but all very important to the overall scheme of things. Tomorrow is the preview which you will be able to see.

A blog is about what has happened and what should of happened. I find a blog is about some place you escape to, a stolen moment for selfish reasons. My escape is to write. A glass of wine and a quiet few minutes is all I need to get those fiddly things off my chest.

A beetle is a Gazelle in the eyes of its mother.

Robert has been pushing the limits of my patience, 14 year olds tend to do that, but it is still hard to decide when to pull him back or let your faith in him come through. Difficult choice, does a 14 year old have any boundaries? My gut instinct screams bring him in.

For those wondering about the photos from the skiing trip, well I join you in this frustrating wait. Did they ever get to Austria or was it a stop at Brighton for a little pebble beach and 24 hour parties?

The big event today is Angela and Matthew's wedding anniversary. The Australian one, maybe not but I am sure you will all join me in wishing them many more years of love, friendship and waking in the morning next to someone you love. Talking of someone we all love, Mark has been spending time surfing off Veges pier, waves of 2m, he is training for the next cycle tour of Gauteng. Such dedication, so competitive and this is all to sculpture his perfect body. Mark believes in body beautiful and I have heard he has found a new spray on tan which is the real thing. He is such a Koo girl, did I spell that correctly?

I have said much but in the overall scheme of life it is enough.



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