Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Does the tail wag the dog?

With 24 hour news and more newspapers coming out everyday, we as a nation are searching and wanting more and more front page news. At least that is the impression the press seem to think we want. That is easily fixed, throw in a few lies, innuendos, misquotes and the story explodes on the front page again.
Our press create news daily that is fiction, letting the reporters add and embellish until it is so far from the truth that we have forgotten the original news flash, produced by the need for news and playing us for the fool.
A case in point is the news that Prince Andrew was meeting the wrong people. All taken out of context.
I see politicians grovelling to news interviews, who do not listen.
‘The public are entitled to an answer.’ Should read, my producer wants a story.
The press, of this modern world we live in, have far too much power. It is time that we had a factual account of the news, more importantly we need that factual account on all national news forum. No comment needed, leave that to us.
Let Reuters be our news source for the future.

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