Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Life and its chance

We all have those times when we are disappointed, left at a loss, unable to take command. Life deals these cards and we all wonder, why us? Be it the loss of a friend, a hope for event which does not come off or a dream not realised. When it happens to someone you hold dear it leaves you at a loss for words, the right words, we resort to the old cliques, sorry to hear your news etc. Through all this we really feel for them and our lack of ability to say those words of comfort deepens the injustice of the situation. We want to put it right but life dictates the rules. 

On a gentler note, Susan is driving a Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 l. I know we all think of the 735i BMW and the engine blowup but things have moved on and we all are tempered to life's melancholy.
Susan describes the car;
'Solid, easy, comfortable and somewhat uneventful. Robert was upset that we didn't push it but it was too easy to attract too many points on one's license and who knows, maybe loose it altogether.'

87 mph and then it was as Buzz Light Year said, To infinity and beyond. I hear some of my boys echoing that thought.

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