Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Mighty Cold

The UK has a nasty cold virus going around. Not Swine, no not Asian, this one has no name. It starts with a slightly sore throat, sniff nose and a little ache in your head. We all soldier on, because during the day it seems to abate. It is in the dead of night that we feel proper poorly, not a cold to play with. Enough, this is a trial we must endure, get on with it and if you get enough sleep you will feel better in the morning. Michael started before Austria; I followed with Robert shortly after and now Susan is pretending.

Gussell of Georgedale sent me an interesting article written by Trevor Emanuel. I thought he was the Minister of Finance, maybe in the last government, before Jacob that is. He berates someone I have never heard of for being racialist. I did not really read it properly but seem to get the impression the alleged racialist had made some derogatory remarks about coloureds. The importance of this statement by Trevor cannot be underestimated; he came through the long struggle for independence. By him putting pen to paper he can make a difference. Making people think before this escalates into a racialist fuelled killing spree. When the Boer is being attacked on a regular basis and if this does not stop it will migrate to other population groups and anarchy will eventually be the law. Granny June admired Trevor and that is good enough for me. I assume he still has the respect of the common man in the street which adds credence to his article. I can not really comment on the current situation in South Africa, it has been almost 12 years since I lived there, so I will stop now and hopefully will get some educated comment from all those who are in the know - as such.

I see they are launching a newer version of the iPad, ten times faster and now has a camera. Also Apple is bringing out a new iPhone 5. Also ten time faster, with a better camera. To top it all the new Apple Mac Pro with i5 processor, ten times faster is also being launched as we speak. I tell you all this as Gary of Middle Smiths will update, that goes without saying, this should cost him £2011.00. Ouch, that is a lot of money in any currency, keeping up with technology is expensive and he has to be seen with the latest, not because he is a Yuppie but his industry expects it of him. I am sure he will be able to claim it as expenses, so hold off with those donations.

Why is it that Apple is always ten times faster, faster than fast. I really do not believe they are really that good, the dark side must be embraced with caution.


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  1. I heard it was 11 times, 10 was so last year.