Friday, 25 March 2011

Time Zones

Theoretically, the world should be divided into 24 main time zones in which each zone differs from the last by one hour. As time has gone on, things have changed. Time zones are irregular and affected by political, geographical and social changes. Daylight saving casts further confusion to what should be a very simple task. Our clocks go back by 1 hour on Saturday night. When we awake on Sunday morning we will be able to sleep in for another hour. Bliss. All the clocks will have to be turn an hour forward, mobile phones, microwaves and all those older electrical appliances will have to be changed. That will happen over the next 2 or 3 months as we come across yet another forgotten appliance we never thought we had.

This is really to let you all know; you are now either 1 hour or somewhere between 1 and 10 hours ahead of us. That will be of some comfort to the Australian and South African cricket teams flying home to those they hold dear. This world cup has thrown us some surprises. I still predict an Indian, English final. If England were strong enough to retain the Ashes then a mere One day International World Cup should be a walk in the park. Tomorrow might deal a different hand. New Zealand wins by 49 runs, still hard to believe. Kallis did do well in this World Cup, he must be 40 already and still bowling and batting well. Those boere are made of stern stuff.

Tomorrow we will see what those magnificent men in their flying machines have done over the winter. Australian GP, my money is on MW but let us not forget JB or Rosberg. Alonso is a fighter and that Cape kid Hamilton could last the whole race. Vettel hopefully, does not do well, which will lead to him throwing his Germanic Lego blocks out the cot, he is quick.

Enjoy your weekend. Thank you for your kind comments with regards to my back. Yes it is mended with only a slight discomfort with my left hip but I am sure that will resolve itself in time. They say it is a nerve that has been trapped, trapped where, if only I could find it and release it.

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  1. Vettal..........he will run away with it, he has wings