Thursday, 28 April 2011

Anzac Day

Anzac day, this year, has come and gone but we have not forgotten.

Anzac stood, and still stands, for reckless valor in a good cause, for enterprise, resourcefulness, fidelity, comradeship, and endurance that will never own defeat - 25th April 1915.

I find this both a comfort and tremendous sadness. It is frightening that, such brave men, who were ordered to attack by a unskilled, unapt General, had the courage to obey, knowing that it will mean certain death. I realise that New Zealand and Australia are joined in remembering this day, it has through time become a day of remembrance, remembering all those who have lost their lives for a cause the politician's felt worthy.

Tomorrow Catherine and HRH Prince William of Windsordale will marry. Brave, a commoner marrying a Prince. Will the past play one more pathetic card or will Catherine be stronger than those that went before her? Time will again tell us this happy or sad tale. Tomorrow I will be watching this pomp and ceremony of lavish splendour.

They have one advantage over their parents, they are not stupid and will have seen the mistakes made in the past.

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