Saturday, 9 April 2011

Apple Information Pad review

I must admit that everyone who has tried this iPad has wanted one. It is the ultimate 'must have item'. I do find the keyboard very easy to us, the only criticism is the need to change between text and numerical. The keys are super fast and the lightest touch will print the letter, will take some getting use to as my habit is to bang away and then correct later.
Processor and OS is quick, much faster then any laptop I have used. They screen is clear and indoors great. Outside in the sun it is a challenge to say the least, boosting the brightness does help. My Sony net book is far superior, delivering easy to read text and picture quality. Maybe someone can help with this as I know someone who wants one, but needs to use it outdoors.
Spring is wandering to summer, maybe a little early but at 20 deg C, today is encouraging. With life's little ironies I am sure it will be a cold Easter, Susan is desperate to get a little colour, that is pink, red and then pale tan until she starts the whole process over again. The Brits are all walking around in summer frocks, their transparent white skin standing out like a colony of albinos baboons. Fluorescent skin, as far as the naked eye can see, it is a bit of a farce.
Gemma is 21 today, yes that little precocious girl is all grown up and reported to be doing well at university. Gemma is reading English and I suppose will be working in the English industry?
Back to the review, this has been slow but getting better, no arrow keys and my fat fingers battle to find the exact letter too change. I will blog with this sexy machine again and let you know how I get on, a long term test as car mags say.
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