Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Baby boomers?

We all wait for the City of
Tshwane to give the go ahead, let Dan the Man catch a few frogs and Mika pick a few wild flowers, come on Mr Tshwane. The children of Middle Smiths need to go home. Just one thing you need to find once you have moved in and that is a 'Thoughtful Spot', half way between there and here. It will become so much more than a spot.

So many women in Middle Earth are striving for another baby and so many exhausted men striving to give their all. Those female eggs are so discerning and quite frankly too picky. 9 million male sperm vs 1 female eggs, the odds are on that one egg achieving total massacre, 90 million dead. We might need a few more citizens in Middle Earth, but relax and let romance take you to exotic heights.

Now for Easter, what are your plans for Easter? We will be taking it one step at a time, sunny days and it is the beach. That is about where we are, except, we want to take a ferry trip up the Frome river to Wareham, do a pub lunch and ferry back. Maybe a comment or two will keep us all in the loop.


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  1. We wait with baited breath... Easter will hopefully involve the new house but even if not I'm sure it will involve lots of food. Possibly a ride through the nature reserve with the kids, a pub lunch at Corfe would really do the trick though but alas...