Saturday, 2 April 2011

The dark side has arrived.

I am being challenged by the Dark Side, Apple, in the design and execution of web applications. I have two sites that need to work on an Apple computer (actually thinking about it they all should) anyway I have always used Windows but time has made the more complicated of applications, require compatibility with all Operating Systems (OS). We are now seeing off the last of Windows XP, a great OS and still widely used in business, Vista was a none starter but still a fair amount out there and then Windows 7 comes along. I have a good feeling about Windows 7 and think in time it will acquire as good a reputation as XP has. Apple in the form of Mac OS and Leopard Snow OS have just complicated cyberspace, I blame the iPad for making these OS more accessible to the normal public.

Apple Macs have always been expensive and largely over looked by all but the Graphic Artists and the printing industry. Then Gary of Middle Smiths buys an Apple Mac and as soon as the iPad was launched he adds that to his huge arsenal of the latest, expensive technology. The result of all this is that I am about to embrace the Dark Side (Apple Mac). I will take every precaution to contain the Apple pips from contaminating the Windows bits, rest assure no one will be hurt in the operating of these diametrically opposed pips and bits colliding. Reminds me of the Hedron Collider.

Enough of the darkness let us revel in the light. This weekend hopefully brings mild weather and a long stroll with all on the beach, quiet coffee at a little deli and if we are lucky a good breakfast tomorrow morning. We have tried some new places lately and we are all agreed that Tesco still deliver value for money. Susan and I are always on the lookout for a good coffee shop and when we see you again we will take you on a coffee tour with the added advantage of a fine slice of cakes or savoury snack.

Have a good weekend and I will update you all on what part of the dark side I invest in by tomorrow evening. 'To infinity and beyond'

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  1. Claud's is feeling fine and happy to be home again! Be brave and strong for if the you turn to the dark side it is very difficult to go back!