Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Dark Side has Arrived

Today Susan brought home her Dell i5 Latitude and gaily went onto her work server, what a happy girl. I must say she was not having G&T's in the Limpopo like that rogue Pamagor. Talking of rogues, Gussell is in the Limpopo valley as well and getting closer to Pamagor.

Michael has appropriated the television today, golf, golf and more golf. The US masters is currently being televised and we are all subjected to this fiendish, devilish plot to curb our normal, brain dead viewing. Soon his shoulder will be mended and then we will have our normal life back as we know it.

I am having to work at the minute and find it quite a joy, liberating and refreshing. Those lovely French have just created a whole new purpose to getting up in the morning. Pomme, petrole, niox and lait are some of the interesting words banging around my head. Banana to banane, grape to raisin and then raisin sec. Beautiful words with an exotically Parisian air.

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  1. Leopolds is a famous bar in Mumbai... like Harry's in New York, Venice and Berlin....