Thursday, 14 April 2011

Don’t blame the ferry man

You must pay me now. Chris De Burgh sang that iconic song, but the origin was from the Scottish herring fisherman and the wives they left behind. Out to sea for months on end, their wives would mend the nets and when they came back, they would gut the herring. They would sing the song about the Herring men and the long time they were away. They were paid when the Herring boats returned.
'Do not blame the Herring men' they would say to their children when hungry and cold.
'When the Herring men returned, your Fathir will be home and we will be paid.'

Robert says, 'I would prefer if she allowed me a iPhone.'

Do not ask, I am only the messenger, don't kill the messenger or the piano player.

I must ask if the new Apple Mac is 8x faster? Also what is it 8x faster than? Maybe someone can tell me if they have experience with the new 10x more powerful and 8x faster Mac book – Gregor from OSD claims it sings and dances?

  • This blog posted from my Sony Vaio Baby. It is learning to sing and dance…..

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