Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fun City – Waves in the desert

Travis has stated that it is not Sun City or Wave City but Fun City. Mika, Darling Mika was competing in the most important dance of her life. That is this year's life, we do it all again next year, ask Angela. I have not seen the results, did she win? I am so out of the loop it makes the Lost City look like breaking news. I am sure we would all have been so proud.

Mark has moved to the Toyota side, Auras and all the extras. I know you will have happy miles, no you do kilometres, anyway - happy the distance you will travel.

Techno, Angela, Russell what is wrong with them? They left at 5 AM today, yes to day is Sunday, Mothering Sunday, they left at 5 AM and it was exhausting. So much so that they had mobile phone, I heard that, mobile phones are designed to be mobile but these techno pilots run on empty. ?. Someone must tell them that it does take paraffin or Sasol to keep them going.

What is more important is that Claudia of the Claudosa era is fine and did not go to Sun City.

From all this rambling you will have noted that all is well in Middle Earth after a challenging week.


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  1. I LOVE MONDAYS!! what has happen to Pamogor....???