Wednesday, 13 April 2011

It is Mally’s Birthday

It is a Grand thing to be a Birthday, that is what you said?
A what?
On a horse?
On a Knight?
It is a Grand thing to be a Birthday Girl, on a horse and a knight.

It is a grand day for a birthday. Mally of Musmead Manor celebrates her birthday today, we will all drink to that in June, when she and 4 other's, from her year of birth, celebrate this occasion. David Blunt will be there as well as Madonna.

Mally is a friend of mine and they are precious. Today she would have taken stock of her life and I predict she will be a very happy and wealthy girl in the next 5 years.

Life, a few years ago, saw her with no money and nowhere to live, also facing the daunting task of having to take her parents to court for what was hers. Tough times and her determination and vision saw the birth of a Longthorns Farm - Camping and Caravan Site.

That took on all the others and succeeded. This all came with a price tag and such heartache. Through it all she never lost sight of her friends and today, I hope, those friends have given her the birthday she deserves. Another valued member of Middle Earth, who we will all meet at the Grand Middle Earth rally.

I would like to leave you with this one thought:

"There was time when Dad's were kind, when Mum's were your mother. That was a time, I dreamed of life worth all the working. I was young and I was not afraid.

The time has come when you find your Father is not perfect. Taking your childhood in his stride he broke those youthful dreams, killing those dreams. You are better."

Happy Birthday Sally, Mally of Musmead Manor, you have earned it. Well done.

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