Friday, 1 April 2011

Jeremy Clarkson's fence and gate vandalised

The TV presenter came under fire after he fenced off a section of his land, to increase his family's privacy. Vandals have uprooted fence posts and a gate near the Isle of Man home of Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. The posts were then thrown from the cliff on to rocks below the beauty spot of Langness on the Isle of Wright. Wire fencing has also been cut away from around the perimeter of Mr Clarkson's holiday home. The peninsula became the subject of controversy after ramblers complained Mr Clarkson had diverted a footpath. He claimed there had never been any public right of way across the land.

For someone who regular criticises the law, public and car manufacturers, it is ironical that his precious estate on the Isle of Wright should be the focus of attention because of a petty rambling path he closed. I am with the ramblers and will be happy to walk that route to protect the rest of us from an idiot like this.

It was just before 5 and I was opening my first bottle of wine and Robert walked in and said,
'Should you be drinking that now?'
'Calm down it is Halaal wine, the grapes where picked in a humane way.'

On wine, we all hope Claudia of Claudosa Era is recovering well after her untimely visit to the hospital. Life does throw these challenges at us and we are normally floored by then. I have every confidence that the strong family heritage will prevail and she will be doing boot camp exercises in the next week or two.

What is the ultimate test to us as humans is? It is can we live alongside animals and progress into the next 100 years. On our past record I do not think we can. Any ideas?


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