Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Pips attack the Long Board.

iPad gives more problems but comes through. The iPad with its Flash drive and crystal clear screen does bring it close to the Sony Vaio. Initial problems with trying to update the Operating Sysytem (OS). My Antivirus Protection immediately targeted the Apple system as a potential threat. This is Bill against John. The only way I could get the iPad updated through my Sony was to turn off the Virus Protection.

Job was done but with an international support. Gary in SA (Barmy Apple Army), Ginny in Ireland (Apple call center) and me in the UK. We do live in such amazing times, amazing communication with such ease. My thanks to the Apple Representative in Ireland, the big fan in South Africa and to my humble Sony for protecting me and my files against the intruder.

Michael fell off his long board and is now recovering at Poole Hospital having his shoulder put back after dislocating it. This is all for the noble art of delivering the Bournemouth Echo, a newspaper of note, not enough to warrant a dislocated shoulder.

Still no news from Gussell who flew out to India to track down Pamagor.

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