Sunday, 24 April 2011

Queen parts with her well-earned silver.

The Queen will celebrate her 85th birthday by giving the Maundy alms to 85 people. The traditional ceremony will see The Queen give a purse of silver coins to elderly recipients. The Maundy Money ceremony is thought to date back to an event held by King John in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, in 1210. The monarch would give out money and symbolically wash the feet of the poor as Jesus is said to have done at the Last Supper. Although that part of the ceremony ended in the 18th Century they will still receive silver pennies in a small silk bag.

Talking about the Queens leads me to the British Empire and the colonies. Also to a comment posted by Gary of the Middle Smiths where he describes the tons of crap he gave away to the maids and garden boys. Very noble but what caught our eye was the plural used to refer to their servants. Who says the British Empire and all its traditions are dead? Just for the record they have a head garden boy and an assistant. The house is served very well by the maid in charge and two assistants. Claudia of Middle Smiths, formerly of the Claudosa Era, feels a butler will be just one step too far. They do have one extravagance, a footman who doubles as the taxi driver and also cleans the fleet of motor vehicles and the pool.

From all at Middle Earth we hope they enjoy their new home and hopefully stay there for at least until they get to know their neighbours, before the Lord of the Manor offers it for sale. Happy Easter egg hunting.

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