Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday–day of travel and thought

This being a typical Saturday morning we slept in until 9am and then it was the morning breakfast for Michael as he starts work at 10am. Dropping Michael off we normally take Sam for a walk while Susan and I have a run along the beach front or around Poole Park. Today Mags phoned needing us to help her return a sun lounger she had bought from Lidl on Thursday and found it difficult to get out of once in!! Well the two take back queens were in their element, Susan does love a little take back, buys something and I am sure she just buys another to take back next week. Anyway then on to Branksome beach for a run, left Susan behind to enjoy the beach hut and doubled back home to wake Robert the Bruce and get him ready for Golf. That is where I am now.

It sounds hectic but I actually enjoy it. After golf I will pickup Susan and then on to the Dolphin Shopping Centre, Susan has some cloths to take back. I intend to have a coffee at the Courtyard Patisserie, get some new Chinos, not for return and then shop for supper.

Talking of supper, tonight we are having a dish I have never cooked before but reading through the recipe, sound delicious.

I have bought 4 Poussins and these I will part roast in a little water for 45 minutes, with 2 chunky cut onion, 4 whole garlic cloves  (squashed), 2 tins cherry tomatoes, 2 carrots sliced four times and a lemon cut into quarters. Season with salt and pepper. Once tender take the roasted Poussins, carrots and lemon out of the baking dish and add 200 ml chicken stock, 2 teaspoons of corn flour and thicken on the stove top. Put the Poussins back into the over for another 10 minutes just to crisp them up and brown the skin.

I will serve with roast potatoes and the carrots.  Maybe a small rocket and sweet pepper salad on the side. Come to think of it I might just add the halved sweet peppers to the roast and have roasted peppers as well. What if I substitute the cherry tomatoes for the peppers and have fresh ripe tomatoes in the salad? Will let you know.

A good Chardonnay well chilled, actually cold and followed with a Dorset Apple Cake with a big scoop of ice cream. 


  1. Here we call them baby chickens... Peri-peri or lemon and herb are the most popular. Daniel watched Kung Fu panda last night and now has a full martial arts vocabulary in including all the "yah's" and "oooi's" and a whole range of other sounds...right now he's doing battle the his arch enemy Pepsi the Cruel (also known as Pepsi the cat) don't know who'll come put on top at this stage as the callous dictator seems to run out of playfulness after a while and little boys get a scratch or bite that hurts... part or growing up.