Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Some time at the beach

The sun is shining, some people come to the beach with so much paraphernalia, in town they would need planning permission. As always, this time of the year brings out those snow white bodies, covered against the cold all winter, needing sun and the vitamin D it brings to your body. I believe this vital vitamin, is what makes us feel so full of life. In some cases looking around me now, maybe too much life and the delicate winter skin will suffer for the next few days, oh well that is the start of summer.

Did everyone get the YouTube link on the power of words? Amazing and it brought home to me the importance of the splash page - home page, of any website. The power of your message must get through as they open the page; the balance is a fine one between text and images and is paramount. I will be having another close look at all the websites I manage, with this in mind.


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