Monday, 18 April 2011

Taliban, Taliban sell me a banana.

It seems apt that I use the iPad to write this blog as there is a fruit involved and that will make Gary of Middle Smiths happy.
Gussell of Georgedale wrote a very thought provoking comment on my last blog, it is worth a read, the eloquently way he described the buck of the lowlands of South Africa, brought back the times I have spent watching those agile deer - Springbok. Such grace and finesse as they prance and run, all a game but a vital game of survival.
Back to the Taliban and how he has lasted all this time. The song 'Hey Mr Taliman, tali me banana' is as old as time. I have attached the original photograph (It has rights and reserves but a banana box is just a banana box). The haunting verse where he wants to go home instead of blowing himself up evokes a nations of suffering, so sad and so committed.
Daylight come and I want to go home.
The Taliban have just re branded themselves to serve the global Market. From now on the Taliban will be known as the Taliman. "Goldstein and Cohen, lawyers and re branding."
Make them look daft and after a while they will be.
Easter is fast approaching, the Shepards Huts that Mally of Musmead Manor bought are there. See the website for details. or book a stay. Does anyone know if Mark has taken posession of his Opel Auras yet? Is Gussell home from his travels and has Lily lost her painting set? So many questions, so few answers.
Just to let you all know, I am on holiday from the 21st April until the 3rd May 2011. That means I will have time for more blogging!!!

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