Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What Happened to Pamagor?

Gussell of Georgedale who has just travelled the length of South Afirca. Covering most of the provinces and most of the Aventura resorts asked the question. What happened to Pamagor? The news has been scarce, everyone has their heads down fighting inflation and the real cost of living, so would have missed the apparent sightings of Pamagor.

Fear not tardy children, I saw Pamagor. Resplendent in a scarlet, burgundy waistcoat, Levi hipsters and white, ankle boots. A pink, floral scarf and diamond earrings, completed the overall feel of a very important person.

That's right. You will like Pamagor. Passing bye me a day or two ago and noticed me. Did not actually say anything, mind you, but knew it was me. Very friendly I thought.

I am a little worried, is Pamagor male or female? From the fleeting glance I am not sure?

Changing the subject for a little while, has anyone heard from Lily and her parents? Anzac day is fast approaching and we still do not know if the biscuits will be ready. Mark has not reviewed his Opel Auras and Gary still has not told us if the offer he received on his new house was accepted. So many questions, so few answers?

After listening to Radio 4, talking of Britain's plan to have free Wi Fi everywhere by 2018, will I be around then? Susan and I went for our first spring run today. A gentle jog around Poole lake, I felt 20 again and will continue these early morning runs.


  1. Winter is fast approaching, the morning chill has a bite to it and seems to linger into the day...still waiting for the City of Tshwane to grace our new abide with an occupational certificate so we can nice in...it's been 2 weeks and counting. Will be great to move in and have the kids grow up a bit like we did... found Dan down at the Dams the other day (while we were unpacking in the garage) tormenting the frogs and tadpoles, a boy just being a boy. Hold thumbs, touch wood etc that it will come today or tomorrow

  2. House warming party of note coming up.....