Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What has happened to Pamagor?

Gussell of Georgedale is very perturbed as to why we have had no news of Pamagor. The last I heard Pamagor was in India, easily missed as there are more than 1,210,193,422 of them. Pamagor like Ghandi is looking for peace after all the hurtful comments published in the Middle Earth Chronicle. Word has it that Pamagor is also missing a favourite Parma ham which was only available from the Middle Earth deli – Russo Delicatessen.

Pamagor was last seen in a floral cotton blouse with cropped linen slacks and leather sandals. The keen observer did notice the top of a beautifully knitted G string with a motif of the World Cup centrally place above the crack. This is all here say and the publishers of this fine printing house cannot accept responsibility for any contamination, radioactive or otherwise. Also our diligent observer noted the absence of the Pandora earing. It is quite worrying but I am sure Gussell, who has flown out to India, will track this elusive pimpernel down and all will be forgiven. I do feel for Gussell who misses his friend in retirement. This trip to India will do him the world of good; get out and about always restores the spirits.

Pamagor's mother, Madame D'or, is French so I am including a plea for her to tell Pamagor to come home now. May just save Gussell sometime asking those 1,210,193,422 Indians if they know where Pamagor is.

S'il vous plaît rentrer, tous sont pardonnés, vous aime Gussell.

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