Saturday, 23 April 2011

Yesterday morning we ventured out of Poole harbour on the Greenslade Ferry, destination Wareham via Round Island, Long Island and Brown Island. We then navigated the Frome River taking us to The Granary and St Mary's Parish Church in the town. Couple of interesting facts gleamed on route, the Channel Ferry - see photo, carries 80 trucks and takes 8 hours to France.

We passed the old u-boat dry dock, which is now a Marina where the residence park their yachts at their front door. Built in 1951 and still looks amazing. See pic.

Wareham is a lovely little Market town, the little we saw of it.having. Managed a photograph of the Church as mentioned in my previous blog, see pic of the church tower.

With two teenaged we just had time for a quick glance then into the first pub for an extended lunch and then rush back to catch the ferry, very content after a fine local pint and a plough mans. The boys, boringly, had Burgers and Merlin had ham, eggs and chips, washed down by a fine glass of White wine.

Is it true that the Middle Smiths are actually in their new house already? Had some amazing photographs from Gary yesterday, very posh and open plan house. The also have the added advantage of no ghosts, leaving that task for them, as it is a new build and I believe near to the local lake.

It is a bungalow, meaning single storey but as the plots of land are so big they have managed to included a guest cottage complete with bathroom etc. Hopefully some more photographs of the outside and the view will follow soon.

Just a note on the weather here today, sunny, warm 24 deg C in the shade and BBQ tonight, enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a perfect day! Wish I was there would kill for a ploughmans and a pint... Yes officially in the house, will send pics a bit later when we do the Easter hunt... amazing how much crap you build up over the years, you only grasp the scale of it once trying to pack it all into cupboards... The maids and garden boys are very happy the be refurbishing there own houses, we've given away about 2 tons of it... Taxi drivers all the way to Hammanskraal have been complaining about the extra baggage!