Wednesday, 4 May 2011

All flesh is grass

It is almost true. Grass is the staple diet of nearly all human beings. Wheat, rice, barley, millet and corn are all grasses, and cattle, sheep, fowls and pigs all eat grass. We eat all the above and these animals survive mainly on grass.

The Matriarch was the best grower of any vegetation around, she believed that there is not a sprig of grass that shoots that she will not cultivate and feed.

While the whole world seems to be remembering the twin towers, I find myself remembering The Matriarch and all her good points. How she loved Pasta, dogs and her garden. Retired at 60 and was happy for another 20 years and would have enjoyed another 10 at least. Her manicured, wild garden was a celebration to all life and that is something she knew only too well. The only person I know who knew the name of everything in her garden, rare, I saw a blue tit a few days ago and was amazed.


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