Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Dark Lord strikes again.

Talking of the Dark lord makes me think of summer and the fabulous BBQ's we have. All those friends and family who grace us with their presents, love the meat and all the trimmings but the real story of a BBQ is loads of left over salad and that kamikaze sausage that falls into the fire. Let us not forget that vinaigrette dressing that no one touched and the final piece of meat left to dry out and charcoal. This is the true story of a British Summer BBQ.

Back to the Dark Lord, weakened through the every lasting pressure of the media, he succumbed to the Dark Side. Now addicted, he is spreading his influence throughout the family. For business reason I have acquired an Apple Mac and a iPad but Angela of Ozdale has now bought an Apple Mac Pro, following on the heels of The Dark Lord, who acquired an i5 Apple Mac. Angela has decided to go one better, i7 Apple Mac Pro, 11 times faster, 9 times quicker, beating The Dark Lord by 1 times faster and 1 times quicker. The 100m sprint is won or lost by a fraction of a second; this race will be run again. Three competitors, one objective.

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