Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Dicasmithi’s were seen reading this blog

After months of trying to get some news from The Dicasmithis they have been logged in, in the last few weeks. Angela of the Dicasmithis is a teacher, we all know that, but she is now going to specialise in Computer Technology and Religious Education. Feeling strongly about how children approach this relationship, Angela goes with the conviction that you need a little moral fibre before opening the very uninhibited world of cyberspace.

Talking of wonderful worlds, did we? Mika Mouse of Middle Smiths must be the most sophisticated child I have ever met. As a little girl her mother, Claudia of Middle Smiths, gave her olives to snack on. I know most little girls would have purity or maybe Boudoir biscuits but Mika loved olives and I would just like to say I have just eaten a sundried tomato in olive oil and it was totally exquisite. I followed that with a stuffed green olive with a feta cheese and those flavours combined to make the average steak a boring alternative. Now Lily Florence of Dicasmithi, insist on olives and sundried tomatoes in future. Wean your Mummy off Purity and let's celebrate the natural vegetables and fruits the land has to offer.

Well Chelsea Garden Show is finished and the Royal Agricultural Society are very pleased with the turnout, we have been worried about Gussell and Pamagor, guess what they were not at Chelsea. No those fuchsias were actually grown by some Yorkshire traffic warden. Just for your information, Fuchsias are widely-cultivated tropical plant or bush. Flowers: purplish, reddish, or white, drooping. Sounds like a combined description of the two of them. I will be contacting Markus of Ketteringdale to check if everything is above board and kosher.

Michael has bought £600 surf board, lost all hope of getting any waves in the UK he has bought this board to paddle to where there are waves. It is called a SUP and is a paddle board. Yes you can stand on it and paddle to the waves. You might think I am joking so I have attached the photograph.

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