Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gold Coast Bikini Maids

Pamagor probably travelled to South Africa because of the fiasco in Australia. He was caught wearing a golden bikini. The story goes that he was looking for adventure and saw an advert for a Gold Coast Meter Maid. Fresh from Birmingham and looking for adventure he applied and was picked to be a Gold Coast meter maid. It was reported by the Gold Coast Gazette that he was an excellent Meter Maid and also raised an enormous amount of money in the happier section of the community, until someone realised his 38dd sized breasts were fake, such a poser. If only he had controlled himself and gone for a neat, pert 36B!!
Maybe Lily Florence could let us know all about these Gold Coast Meter Maids, I hear they wear golden bikinis and pay the expired meters before the actual traffic police arrive to write a ticket.
 Mofmof - new buzz word - Minimum of fuss, maximum of flavour.
Michael and Robert are currently writing their respective exams. Michael is doing AS levels, those you write the year before A levels and Robert is starting his GCSE exams so the house is constantly full of studiuos scholars, what little darlings they are.

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