Monday, 16 May 2011

If I ruled the world

Everyday would be summer. No I would leave Mother Nature to sort that detail out. I would start with Markus, he would have a farm, a motocross track and 100 acres of tomatoes. That would fill his day and at the end of the day he can have fun teaching Travis how to ride.

Pamagor has just come out, HE, that's right, HE who wears tops from Marks and Spencer, matching beige slacks, red, patent leather boots and a burgundy waistcoat. I will get the full picture by Wednesday and give you a full report. In the mean time I have a photo taken by an undercover, no let me rephrase that, under table reporter with a disposable camera.

More on If I ruled the world tomorrow. Merlin wants the Legoland theme parks to be the leading theme park resort choice for families with young children.

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  1. Standing in the queue to vote and I'm sure i got a glimpse of him entering the voting station!