Wednesday, 18 May 2011

If I ruled the world

Robert offered this:

I would give Gary Las Vegas, he would know what to do to fix it and then make loads of money. Daniel deserves it a bigger playground and the place is made for Mika. Night life to sample, dancehalls and fashion shows are a daily event. Claudia has roots there, all Italians do, so will just muscle into the family business and the Claudosa family would join them as they already have a small mansion on the hill.

That is how he sees the job done and a better place is born.

The Middle Smiths have a long history of moving and this is just another step, moving countries knowing the sun still rises in the east.

Pamagor has just signed a long term lease on an apartment in Las Vegas, a little 5 bedroom penthouse with a casino in the basement and a fashion boutique on the first floor, something like Friends without Ross. Pamagor was reported to be seen standing in the queue to vote in the South African elections, dressed in blue jeans with studs on the pockets and a Hawaiian styled African blouse. His tartan Tam o' Shanter with a purple toorie (pom pom) covering some of his blue dyed hair, Nike trainers with the Nike logo in purple and African beads. Does this mean he is from South Africa or an imposter?

Dusty Springfield sang that song, 'You do not have to say you love me just because you can.' Great song but it would help.

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  1. I think I'm to close to the mafia...although they say it isn't the same since they were kicked out...