Thursday, 19 May 2011

If I ruled the world

I would give every Polar Bear an American to eat everyday. They are remarkable creatures to live in the frozen Arctic. Sadly global warming is destroying their habitat and leaving them seriously endangered. They are born deaf and blind beneath the snow, eventually they grow into the most powerful of all four-legged animals. Using their incredible sense of smell to track their prey. Polar bears spend most of their lives alone, wandering over the vast frozen waste of ice in search of prey such as seals, walruses and even Americans. They are good swimmers and have been spotted far out at sea, dodging those Americans Cowboys. Why do the Americans get to me?

I have taken the opportunity to have a Cadbury Ice Cream cone tonight. Michael and Robert elected to have the yoghurt, Tesco finest, so leaving the cone for me. Marvellous, sweet, creamy and full of caramel. I have attached the evidence.

Did anyone see the article on the 1 um sized bug that they found had go to space and come back alive. Not inside the shuttle, outside. They called it the space bear and it seems to be off the radar at the moment. Is this a conspiracy? Americans again or is it those dull librarians, a hated race of silences. Under those disturbed personalities lie suppressed, deprived desires. I must admit they do sound very appealing.

Electricity and Gas are due to go up by 35% next year, yea I see that happening. But they will increase and we will all become more cost conscience, reports are that in SA the increase will be much more than that. Is it just me or are the powers that be grooming us to the fact that the price will jump and then when it does we are already accepting it?

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  1. Yes, here the tactic is to announce an absurd increase and then have a whole lot of people justify why it's required then they reduce the increase down a bit to make everyone happy but still get a very high increase approved