Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Madness is here!

This is the time for the madness, is the madness affecting you. I do believe that the change in seasons does contribute to people moods, I had a Grandfather, on my fathers side, who almost howled at the moon. In the changing season he would be even more difficult than normal. More on this later, I am the only living relative that probably knows of this strange, sad man.
More on Indiana Jones SD and the Crusades of the Last Robertson. Indiana and I cheated of product from Robertsons tackled this dynasty and with the help of Muscle Woman, have restored the right for all free men to acquire what they want, when we want, to where we want. Gary of Middle Smiths has been battling the clouds and from all accounts is winning, Indiana Jone SD works along side our fearless Dark Lord in his quest to have the calendar he want, when he wants and from who he wants. Noble quests and these will go down in the annuals of history for all our children. Back to Indiana Jones SD, in search of the DRC, he has had many a battle with petty, really petty, almost like liberians and there evil mission to keep books away from man. Indiana with the help of three email accounts and the calming influence of a quiet whiskey has lightened the madness and is a happy man. Some will know what I go on about, some might not, but go on I do.
I have it on good authority that Pamagor maybe Muscle Woman and the Dark Lord has left him there as a sleeper agent Provo other.

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