Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Muscle Woman gets her way

Indiana goes to the mountain
Just a quick catchup on Indiana Jones SD and the Muscle Woman. Indy, I am allowed to call him that, sought out O'mage Mountian, Violente and the resourceful Indiana joined forces and gave in to Muscle Woman?
Markus and Travis have a great photo gallery, Travis poses and Markus kindly takes the photographs. Angela has used her allocation of bandwidth in Dicasmithi, so will not be able to throw in her hand in response. Also she has gone over to the dark side, when you have lost your way their are so few who can help you back. The bits vs the pips, an age old contest, the second bite of the apple will only enhance the tournament.
Gussell of Georgedale has posted a very illuminating comment while catching up with his ever growing pressure of money, the making of it and his happiness derived from it. Pamagor is feeling a little put out as he was not mentioned in despatches. Why touch the space bar twice for a period, if a whale is stranded and dies on the beach? Tell the world how sad it is but remember to text your friends, such an occasion. Pamagor come home and save the world against the morans.
There are many different dung beetles, when the elephant has a poo, they release a fresh smell which only some dung beetles can small, once they have taken their fill, that dung starts to smell different and other, bigger dung beetles attack that mound of poo, also taking a small ball off to lay their eggs in and leaving the larver to hatch in scrumptious poo.
Lily Florence of Dicasmithi, close to the people with the red cars will be celebrating her unique birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lily, Happy Birthday to you. Enough of that when are we getting another work of art?life goes by and still you remain so far away, remember when you wean your mum off purity and onto olives throw in a brochure of Dorset.


  1. Lily had a great birthday! She loved opening her gifts and has been having a ball playing with them. It's her Wiggles party tomorrow so keep an eye out for photos in the next few days. X

  2. Who is Pamagor and how so come you know her well?