Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pamagor was Seen.

Gary of Middle Smiths and Gussell of Georgedale queuing to cast their vote in the South African elections both reported to have seen Pamagor. Does this make the elections null and void? Does this elusive friend of Gussell know no bounds in his cadness, outback mentality and Oxford education, while struggling to find his identity has, to put it mildly, has upset his hormones and put his menopause back a year or two.

If daffodils are difficult to grow they will be welcome on my lawn. So many little weeds struggling to destroy my lawn and my B&Q £9.99 lawnmower really fights the good fight. The problem with weeds is that they grow faster than the grass, anyway enough of my gardening woes.

If I ruled the world everyday would be like a few days before Christmas, those magic days when you are frantically searching for those last presents, hoping the ones you have bought will be appreciated as much as you would like them too. This is a time when given is better than receiving. Happy Christmas.



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