Monday, 30 May 2011

Secret Massage

All in the interests of work, I went to Alex de Fraitas for the Portuguese translation of an ancient document for Indiana Jones SD, in Lansdowne. Sitting quietly waiting for Alex to serve her last customer, a very good looking girl walked in and asked if I knew Pamagor? Well when one is put on the spot, one does extraordinary things.
'I have been known to know him sometimes.' I said on the spur of the moment. Well what would you do if a good looking girl asked you that question? I know there are my most loved women and girls out there who are giggling at my male weakness, but all she did was give me a card!! Honestly, I was still reading what was on the card and she was gone. I have attached the card in the spirit of transparency.
Indiana Jones SD and The Dark Lord, helped by Muscle Woman, make compelling argument on the merits of Portuguese translations and the quest for that Omagesd ancient papyrus. Ask Indiana or the Dark Lord if you do not believe me. The Dark Lord can be found in the clouds and Indiana is fighting his 10,000 inbox's on his PC.
Gary of Middle Smiths was seen cooking Pizza late last night before Claudia arrived home after showing off her wares to the African public, earning pasta bowls of money at a fare. The Family are the most important part of this exceptional woman life, love her to bits, Gary of Middle Smiths does as well but he is the brother of Angela of Dicasmithi, now that is something special.

All for now citizens of Middle Earth, may the spirit of Pamagor be with you.


  1. I am back...but not for long...Your new business card above??

  2. What a card! Sounds like a bit of a story concocted for the wife...sure it wasn't found in your pocket when the shirt was washed? Angela's students won't be having any of these embarrassing moments