Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Then take me through the smoke of my mind

Life comes with ruins, like a little leaf, foggy but frozen in time, far past the frozen leaves. My time will come when I travel those endless roads. Until then I will be running passed frightened trees, out to the windy beach with sea sand clinging to my toes and haunted by dogs that follow regardless. All my memory diving beneath the waves, letting me forget about tomorrow until today.

On to something different, I am busy with a good number of other fine people getting an export business on its feet. We have an Indiana Jones traveller who has secured a couple of a million rand's worth of orders, all we have to do is fill the containers and send it to the DRC. Sounds simple but because it is so different, the suppliers are hesitant, not trusting to go where no one else has been. With the Dark Lord and the clouds we will send those containers on the adventure of our lives. Proving through the internet we have made the world here and now.

The brain is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the fitter it becomes. I really believe that and know my brain is fitter by the whole exercise. Never believe you cannot do something, like a marathon runner who trains and trains until he achieves his perfect time. He may not have been an athlete before he started but with the right exercise is running free. The brain will do the same, try it, something you think you could never do.

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  1. A wee pipe now and then helps as well...I need to get one of my own even if it isn't a pipe