Wednesday, 11 May 2011

We say goodbye to our loved ones – Denmark all the richer

Susan is off to Billund, that is in Denmark, I do believe there are quite a few Danish Tarts living there and the home of Legoland. The Merlin English Rose will be appearing at the Legoland residence. Merlin is just like to rest of us, a seasoned traveller, that she is, all the packing was done at the last minute and the tickets booked very near to the departure time. Did you like the Irish touch?

This is travel, this is the fun and this is what those who LOVE travel, thrive on. That final boarding pass in your hand and an hour to sit back and relax, heaven. Me time, adventure time, travel time, look important, feeling smug. I would travel everyday, if only I did not have to get on a cattle truck to do it. Bring on the cruise liners and 10 day to South Africa. Gussell, now you understand, Angela take heart, there are cruise liners that go to Dicasmithi.

Angela of Ozdale soon to be Dicasmithi. They are moving from Ozdale to Dicasmithi which is closer to Kingdom Of Paramithi because the Kingdom of Parasmithi also has red cars.

Angela of soon to be Dicasmithi sent me this story.

Lily fell off the jungle gym today and hurt her right little ankle. (That's not the funny part) Anyway, the day goes on and she's being really precious about it and complains about her "Owie" constantly. She was putting weight on it every now and then when she forgot about it so I knew it was ok. So then this evening, I go off to Pilates and I come home to see Lily in bed, bathed, cleaned and smelling delicious, but with the bandage on the wrong foot! She proceeds to hold up her little ankle for my examination and pronounces it is "Owie". I glance back at Matt in a fit of giggles to see if he's realized that he's bandaged the wrong foot! He was flummoxed! Hilarious! Lily didn't seem to mind and that her Owie had magically transferred from the right to the left ankle. Either way, the left one was definitely the sore one now!!!!! So funny! Little cherub!

I did not edit a word, honest, she wrote it all herself, my little girl. I must say that Matthew and Angela have not only got a jungle gym, they also have a Theme Park, complete with very scary animals and loads of water.

Pamagor drives a MGB GT with spoked wheels, white scarf and red leather jeans - topless, with the top down, travels the Outback with joy.


  1. Correction to this Blog, Angela of Ozdale is not moving just renaming the area she lives in. Ozdale will become known as Dicasmithi which is close to The Kingdom of Parasmithi, they also have red cars.

  2. Please pass on this message to Peter and Julia... When I was 12 we came to England for a Christmas holiday. You guys kindly gave me a beautiful teddy bear who I named TB (Teddy Bear). Original name, I know!!! Anyway, Lily has discovered TB and absolutely adores him. He has to have a dummy and a drink of milk before bed while she has hers. Its very precious. So thank you again for the lovely gift of our furry friend TB. Not only did I get years of love and cuddles out of him, but Lily has now adopted him and will spend many years enjoying his cuddliness!!! At the moment, they're both fast asleep tucked up in her bed. x