Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Weekend and the holiday is almost forgotten

Evening television - NCIS, open cadavers, Diva and Abby. Yet another American police forensic series.
'Exile' on BBC 1, a gay dentist and a father struggling with Alzheimer's.

'Can you help me take his underpants off' You see they forget why they were taking their underpants off in the first place. They go to the loo and then when they are finished they cannot remember why they have the loo paper in their hands, so they just unroll it. Interesting series which brings into sharp focus the hardship that people that care for Alzheimer sufferers have to contend with.

First Rose today, first swallow a few days ago, early spring comes to show its face and then we have the start of summer. We all love a warm summer with the sun, wind and sand bringing colour to our skin and lives. That first Rose may be the start of a great summer.

Bin laden, shoot by the Americans, body taken away by the Americans and then buried at sea by the Americans? Robert theory is, that they have a body and a symbolic death, but no Bin laden, he will never dispute it for fear of giving himself away.


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