Thursday, 12 May 2011

Pamagor goes potty

What a car, true sculptured lines of beauty. You long to team up with Pamagor and travel the high roads and the B roads, those bounded by ancient hedgerows, that make driving this car so freeing. Pamagor has always driven this MGB GT, and wonders why anyone would want to drive anything else. I know someone who has a Land Rover, old but what character, why drive in Africa if you can not drive in the vehicle original designed to conquer that savage and magnificent land. Pamagor was last seen at Audi Centre Townsville, 15-17 Bowen Road, Townsville, QLD, 4812! Why or should I say when? Rumour has it that Pamagor has bought a small detached, wooden house in Dicasmithi, near the Kingdom of Parasmithi. One can only marvel at the brazenness of Pamagor, friend of Gussell and as we can see also drives a red car.
Michael is fine, according to the doctor after dislocating his shoulder, to get back to cricket, surfing, skim boarding and writing his first A level exams. He has split ranks and got himself a Blackberry curve, he is serious and this tells us there is life after the iPhone. I for one still wonder why those who have such amazing phones find it hard to send a few low resolution photographs? Maybe they do not have cameras attached to their smart communication devises?
Merlin is taking Denmark by storm and Poole is in limbo, lost without the direction of this talented darling.
Pamagor goes potty and plants red geraniums into five cream patio pots. Such fun in Dicasmithi and a detached, grand house grand house to top it all. Gary has a new office complex and I have included a photograph. Sometimes picture speak louder then words. What a corporate office. It is a little secretive but I am sure many important thing are done there.

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  1. Please help, I think I've missed something important. Who is Pamagor? x