Sunday, 8 May 2011

Wine, the joy of it

They always say that wine gets better with age, the older I get the more I like it. Taking that the funny side is a smile, I really do. I have just bought a bottle of Blossom Hill Red, soft and fruity. It is an amazing red, almost like drinking from the juice of the ripe, red grapes. None of those berries after taste, good full flavoured, red wine. Blossom Hill Californian Red, remember the name and when you see a bottle give it a good home.

Was that picture Lily drew not amazing? Genius, we can only hope she survives the rigours of school and goes on to do art, the painting and the knowledge of the great masters. I have numerous grandchildren and only one seems to have the artistic flair, are there any other budding artists among my numerous pride.

Angela of Ozdale phoned us this morning while we were doing Michaels paper round, that's another story, and announced that they were having a BBQ. They were having broccoli on the BBQ, yes broccoli, call me silly but this world has changed somewhat since the last time I looked. Gone are the days when the noble Australian will have half a carcass of some edible animal. Matthew, distant relation of Charles, always consider, it takes men to have girls. Boys just happen and quite rightly so, boys stick together. From the feel of Gary of Middle Smiths last internet links he sent through extolling the virtues of internet shopping, discount Viagra is a route to consider. Gary would be able to help you there, networking is so important in this global crisis we are in.

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  1. Beware the Hacker! In this day of peer to peer computing make sure you include special characters in your passwords