Friday, 6 May 2011

Yes or No

The referendum has come and gone, to decide if you want 'first past the post' – current system – or alternative vote(AV), where the guy that loses can still come first. A bit like running a race and coming first but your style was not that great so we are awarding the first place to the third placed runner. Most of the Liberal Democrat’s and the Labour Party wanted AV and they did not get it (rightly so). The party in power won with the NO vote. My feeling is ‘Do not try and fix something that is not broken’.

I have confirmed that Gary of Middle Smiths, married to Claudia formally of the Claudosa Era, has bought a B Grade Mercedes Benz. I have included the photographic evidence and I am not responsible for any outrage that may occur. Sorry but I must remain impartial due to my gout. Gussell will be pleased as he is the ultimate fan of the Benz and he has said that they both have merit.

I am in the process of finishing off a web site in French, that’s right, French and now go onto Portuguese. I do wonder why the Tower of Babel happened. Alex from Angola now living in Bournemouth has kindly offered her services in the Portuguese translations, we are smoking. She owns a lovely restaurant ‘Alex’s Good Foods’ in Boscombe and I will be eating Good Food for the next two months while we go over the translations, someone must keep the economy alive. Prego steaks come to mind.

On that tantalising note I leave you with this one thought. The shepherd, even when he becomes a gentleman, smells of lamb.

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  1. Aren't you glad my email came through in French? It was good practice for you...