Monday, 6 June 2011

Acquiesce - Look it up, it is a fine word.

Have you ever tried freshly cooked smoked back bacon and sundries tomato. Take the whole rasher of bacon and drop a sundries tomato on it, roll it up and eat it. The tomato almost over powers the bacon, the bacon saves the day as you swallow and those powerful flavours mingle and the results are - well try it and let me know.

There is a fine balance between wine and cooking, too much and you tend to burn yourself, too little and the food tastes bland. The odd little burn tends to result in fine food, full of flavour.

Tonight I grilled some Cumberland sausages and then French sliced, I dipped them into a tomato 'hotties', now that is a glorious experience. Hotties is a tradition Italian salsa with an African twist, if you want to know just post your comment and frustrations.

Did I see a comment from Gussell of Georgdale wanting to know who is Pamagor, it is like the pot calling the kettle black. Wiggled of Paramithi, they also have red cars,beware.

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  1. What is a Cumberland sausage?? like Boerewors?? what is a french slice?? Is it tiny weenie little petit slices