Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Debagged, have you ever

The clouds holds so much rain or not as the case maybe. We will pioneer towards those clouds this coming week and lift ourselves into the clouds. More on clouds later when we are more experienced.
Have you ever debagged someone? That is the art of pulling someone's shorts off unexpectedly. Merlin did frown on the merest suggestion of any impropriety , but when I was at school we did it often and enjoyed it. I remember standing at the swimming pool edge and someone coming up behind me and pulling my swimming trunks off, great stuff, clean, fresh air cooling you and your naughty members. The other naughty thing we did was getting someone to knee behind someone and then you pushed him, resulting in him falling over the kneeing individual. Do not tell lily, Daniel or Travis, the rest will have done it already.
Have you ever been asked how long it is to get there? Another two hours and we will be there. That is still a million miles away. How do children measure anything, in millions? I do believe teaching has not progress any further then it was 30 years ago. Talking of children, Gussell of Georgedale has opened a tea garden in Georgedale, Deli closes and this enterprising Chelsea Pensioner opens a tea garden. So much to say about that but we must be prudent. Oh what the hell, he has also opened a school. Yep I say no more!!! That has left me emotionally drained and what is Pamagor going to do with this new 'Thing'.
I change the subject hastily, I will never hear a Grasshopper Warbler, they are not extinct, there call is at a frequency beyond the hearing range of anyone of my age. Gussell falls into this category, where the evergreen Pamagor falls I can only guess. Gussell would know but he is not saying.
Now just in parting, and because the blog on Corfe Castle was appreciated so much I have been thinking of those men and women of Corfe in the days when all building was done with stone. Their children were really robust, having to play on a stone bouncy castle, Wendy houses lasted forever.
'I cannot be using wood when there is so much stone about.'
In those days of long ago there was the Bankes Arms and the Greyhound, a typical evening after a few pints of ale they would stagger out the pub and no kebab shops they would build a fence or two for fun, with, you guessed it, stone.


  1. Hopefully it won't take that long till we're back for a visit

  2. yes, us to, hope it is a short while to visit again...just one correction to the article. I have not opened the tea garden and school...Irene has opened a tea garden and just moved campus for the school which has been going for a few years now... Est circa 1995...i am just the humble gardener, looking and busy with up North of things to come!!!