Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Mammoth and a naked cheek

Tonight I watch a show that had a Mammoth, that thought it was a Possum, a friendly Sable Tooth tiger and a Mammoth go on a long walk. Ice Age II, Meltdown. Disney Animation, why? Lily, Dan and Travis rate this as an Oscar winner, Robert and Michael watch while Samuel slept through the whole dramatic experience.
To top all this all this we had a naked bike ride with Markus of Ketteringdale and Gary of Middlesmiths fame through the main streets of Pretoria and beyond. Claudia of Middle Smiths, formally of The Claudosa Dynasty, insisted that Gary put a scarf on as he was a little poorly, better to keep warm. Pamagor was seen following Gussell of Georgedale who had an asthma pump between his cheeks. A warning to those who are appalled by the naked, nude body of all shapes and sizes, avert your eyes and do not peep.

The views of outside website might not be the same as Indiana Jones SD and the main switcher on and switcher off, man of Bytes unconnected. It is a little like Gussell and his humility, Tearoom, school for the humble waitress and the grand plan of converting Africa. The art of networking needs to extend to the wild coast of the Cape and the mines of Angola, someone tell Pamagor that following a naked bum through the streets of Pretoria will not help the Aboriginals of Dicasmithi to come to terms with the crazy winds created by the cyberspace battles between the Microsoft Bytes and the Apple Mac Pips.
I live in the clouds and touch base with the Democratic Republic of the former British Empire of the Congo. Life could not be better, the challenges do not get any more exciting but tomorrow, Sunday, I leave all that behind for a day, let those battles commence and I will leave them to it.
Just to end, I am not a vegetarian because I love animals, its because I hate plants.



  1. Won't be much to see in this weather...

  2. What? Who's running around naked? Have I missed something?