Thursday, 14 July 2011

The day after the day

What a day, Indiana gathered his team for a debrief after the mission and the Dark Lord wanted a iPad 2 32g wifi 3g. Robert heads off to evict pikeys and Pakis from Council Houses and Michael meekly strolls to school.
Indiana and the awesome team that sent 96 tonnes of product to those hungry Congolese got together on Skype and had a jolly fine time going over their monumental achievements. Indiana needs this to show his Masters what has been accomplished and the way forward.
The Dark Side again. More Apple pips to throw around in the form of an iPad 2 with all the bells and whistles. No stock in Africa, no stock in Poole, bring on the power of the internet and we find a lonely iPad 2 at John Lewis wanting a home. The Dark Lord is happy and the iPad will have a new home in Africa without legs. Did you know all Laptops are sold in Africa with legs? Strange that.
Robert is doing work experience with the Borough of Bournemouth. He is being show the procedure to evict idle benefit sponges and refugees. Due to political correctness gone wrong they can only evict 5 whites families, 1 coloured or asian family and .05 black families a day. What about the poor Chinese? All Chinese love a good eviction. The eviction officer decided to overlook the .0 and just got on with 5 black families. Cruel, heartless, just think of all those wee brown eyes, bewildered and lost. Having to be taken into homeless care in one of the nearby 3 star hotels.
Time to pour a glass of wine and create tea.


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  2. What a cruel introduction to work and the whole work experience. I feel the hint of a tear for those poor evicted persons of unknown origin. Robert be a man and also remember you do come from woman.