Sunday, 24 July 2011

The last of the Potters

Harry Potter has cast his last spell, vaporized his last evil wizard and hopefully come out unscathed. We seem to have endured endless reruns of the Harry Potter saga through the boys for the last 10 years. Almost since we moved to England, that jump from beach, sun and space to small house, cold and rain. Our collection of the series starts with a VHS video through to a DVD. Make no mistake we do not have the full series but from what Roberts says we will soon. I am a little sad at Harry’s ending, what will come along to fill this epic. We have been spoilt over the last few years. Lord of the Rings was the best, while Star Wars came a close second. These three are going to take some beating. Robert has plans to see the film today and I will get a review from him.

The papers today are almost celebrating the death of Amy Winehouse, poor choice of surname as she really was a wino. The sports section was not all about football but cricket, Kevin Pieterson gets 202 not out against India at the Oval. The little master tamed, Tendulkar caught Swann bowled Board. Board should have had 5 wickets but for two catches put down. I really think Tendulkar is getting on a little, at 38. Like Michael Schumacher, although he still seems to have good pace.

Why the talk about what is in the papers, well we always see the Sunday headlines when helping Michael with his paper round on Sunday mornings. Soon the paper round with Michael will be a distant memory, Michael is looking for someone to take it over and we are quite happy to sleep in a little on Sunday mornings, it has been fun.

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